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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
...please do not ever compare Jumbo Diaz body of work with Bronson Arroyo.
I didn't. I wouldn't. Show me where I did?

Do you think the Reds should be making roster decisions based on their prior body of work? I don't. It should be based on two things, and #1 is far more important than #2, given our rebuilding status.
#1 - Is this a player that factors, or hopefully factors, into the longer term plans for the Reds?
#2 - Is this a player that is among the 40 best in your camp.

You seem to think many other things matter in roster and playing time decisions. You have mentioned these factors previously:
- players prior body of work (Arroyo)
- players salary (BP)
- making the Hall of Fame ceremony pleasant (BP)

If these things are factoring in the Reds roster decisions, the Reds need different people to make the roster decisions.

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