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Originally Posted by bb9 View Post
Where this one gets crazy is that the receiving team always has the option of taking the ball at the spot of first touching by the kicking team.


A punt goes downfield and hits a player from the kicking team at the 10 yard line. The receiving team picks up the ball and starts running with it. He then fumbles the ball and the kicking team recovers the fumble.

The receiving team may elect to take the ball at the spot of first touching, in this case it is their ball at the 10 yard line.
rule 4.2-d, the momentum of the ball is taken into cinsideration even if it's touched ?

His original question has nothing to do with touching, just were the ball is spotted if a FG is missed and the ball crosses the goal line plan?

Wait a minute. So if team A attempts a FG from the 35 yard line and misses it, but the ball crosses the goal line, Team B gets the ball at the 20 instead of the 35??? I have never heard of such a thing. In college and NFL, if a FG is missed, the other team gets the ball from the spot of the kick.
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