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Originally Posted by tallmadge H2 dad View Post
I agree. But in my scenario, does team B get the ball at the 20 or 35?
Originally Posted by tallmadge H2 dad
Wait a minute. So if team A attempts a FG from the 35 yard line and misses it, but the ball crosses the goal line, Team B gets the ball at the 20 instead of the 35??? I have never heard of such a thing. In college and NFL, if a FG is missed, the other team gets the ball from the spot of the kick.

A field goal attempt is a scrimmage kick. (commonly referred to a a punt)

Under High School (Federation) rules, anytime a kick (scrimmage or free) crosses the plane of the goal line it is a touch back and by rule the ball is placed at the 20 yard-line.

Question was answered here-

http://goodofficials.files.wordpress...all-rules2.pdf Rule 4.2 -d, dead ball out to 20 unless the initial momentum of the ball did not cause it to cross the goal lin plan.

Rule 4.2
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