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Originally Posted by stall it out View Post
Do you mean like when a club coach comes in and only works out with a 120 wrestler instead of the rest of the team? Or are you talking about when parents that aren't even in the high school program yet, decide that they are going to recruit and entire squad overtop of the current team?
If a coach is working with 120 wrestlers then that is a pretty impressive number. Especially if they have some sort of personal connection.

My point is I've seen coaches who focus only on the elite and have no idea who the average kids are in their program. They get ignored as well as the middle and grade school kids. I know time is hard to come by but what a huge difference it makes when the High school coach visits a practice with a couple of his high school kids to show moves to these kids or talk to them.

I've also seen many many great coaches like the Jordan's who take the time to try and make a personal connection with all of the kids. I've seen so many great examples of these sorts of coaches but quite honestly I'm getting tired of the few elitist coaches and parents.

Holding your kid back or having them drop two weight classes to me is a sign of weakness that you have to run from the competition to have an advantage. Wrestle at your weight and your age group. Encouraging transfers because you can't develop kids in your room or attract them from your school is a sign of weakness. Having weight loss be a priority over school work is just stupid.