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Originally Posted by OhioHSBasketballFan View Post
Don't forget about Rittman.

It wouldn't shock me if McDonald doesn't make it out of the district but I was not over impressed with St. Pete this week.

If Cornerstone plays at a B or A level they beat everyone.

If they play average they can be beat by Richmond or JFK, or any of the regional teams (McDonald, St. Pete, Rittman). Forget about Bristol.
Cornerstone plays VASJ tomorrow. Tell me another team in the region who will play that level of game this week?

Rittman is a strong team and the 6'10" kids is well, tall! He gets all rebounds and put backs.

Did I see posted that Poole for McDonald is 6'4" and 225lbs? Not in the film I saw. Looked 6'3" 180lbs. Maybe I have him mistaken (#30).

Best sectional semi in the region - JFK#5 at Richmond#4. (Both are better than Bristol#2 and Windham#3).
Oh not forgetting, Rittman is the favorite. Just that LCC could be a darkhorse winner.

McDonald, yes the favorite, but not a huge overwhelming favorite like last year. They'll need to bring it every night to win the district. Even the sectional final won't be a walk in the park (play STA/Wellsville winner).

Agree about Bristol and and Windham, any resistance Cornerstone will face at district will come in the semi's

As far as Poole he's definitely not 225, he's pretty skinny. But he's 6'4-6'5. He was only a whisker shorter than the big from JFK last year who was listed at 6'6". McDonald's biggest problem as compared to last year is he's the only height they have, lost a 6'4 and a 6'3 and they were replaced with a 6'2 and 6'0. If poole's not on the floor they get killed on the boards.
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