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Although McDonald may not play any teams on their schedule with a D-1 guard/player, I am sure Zach has seen and will see those types of players in AAU ball. I'm not saying he will play at Ohio St or West Virginia but I could see him getting interest from Leagues like the Patriot, A-10 or the Horizon. Heck, YSU is right in his backyard.
Playing ANY D-1 sport in college is extremely difficult. It is a job. EVERYONE is good. You have to be dedicated and want it. If you don't step up your game, you will not make it. It is especially not easy coming from a D-4 or small school. I have a son that is from a D-4 school that competes at the D-1 level in college. It is a huge adjustment. But I think Rasile has the work ethic and desire to play at that level. But playing at a good D-2 program is just as impressive. Look at Bob Krizancic's son, Cole. Very good player. Went to a good D-2 program at Ashland. Or the kid from Berlin Hiland ( Bonifat?) who went to West Liberty St. I think they both could have played at a smaller D-1 schools.
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