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Originally Posted by Descartes View Post
Add Len Elmore to the list. Not a fan of his, but he's been at it a while. Have to wonder how long they'll keep Corso or Dickie V. Corso's been a walking corpse for about 10 years.
Hasn't Vitale already cut back on the number of games he broadcasts? If so, it was no doubt for less money than he previously made so he's probably safe. (Same with Berman, probably.)

Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
Corso...I watch that show on Saturday morning in the fall primarily because HE's on it. He has a great schtick. It's lighthearted, fun...everyone is IN on the joke and EVERYONE can TAKE the joke...he's the personification of why attending an OSU/UM/ND game is a whole lot more fun than a Steelers/Bengals/Browns game.
Someone reported this morning that the College GameDay crew was safe from cuts.
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