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Originally Posted by Descartes View Post
Add Len Elmore to the list. Not a fan of his, but he's been at it a while. Have to wonder how long they'll keep Corso or Dickie V. Corso's been a walking corpse for about 10 years.
Corso...I watch that show on Saturday morning in the fall primarily because HE's on it. He has a great schtick. It's lighthearted, fun...everyone is IN on the joke and EVERYONE can TAKE the joke...he's the personification of why attending an OSU/UM/ND game is a whole lot more fun than a Steelers/Bengals/Browns game.

I'm sure they've done their research. The people whose Q rating is high, who influence ratings (probably about 10-15% of their talent)...they're not going anywhere.
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