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Originally Posted by AllSports12 View Post
It should be allowed.... That's not to say a crew out there somehow loses sight of the intent of the rule and refuses to let the player play.

Like you said, there are many, many options available to keep the player in the game. However, hurt feelings are not among the reasons to not give up a jersey.......

Save that for the prima donnas with 7 figure W-2's........
I just mentioned the hurt feelz because of something that happened many, many moons ago. 3 of us Frosh dressed for JV games just so they would have a full roster of I think 15. We would rarely get in, just at the very end if they at first used the scrubs on the actual JV team. One time the best jv player got popped in the nose by an elbow and had to use a buddy of mines jersey for the last qtr or so. After the game we were at his parents house and the mom thought it was disgraceful. The dad, and us 3 players, all laughed at her about it! His answer was "well it meant I wouldnt get in with like 30 seconds left like we did earlier in the season">
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