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Originally Posted by jtk View Post
so, if i drive the lane and shoot a floater, release the ball then fall into the defender? the signal for foul would be charge/player control. the basket is no good?
That is correct..... Prior to 1983, whether or not you counted the goal depended upon the timing of the contact. Airborne and contact before the release was a player control foul, no basket. Airborne and contact after the release, count the basket, followed by shots at the other end for the foul. That went by the wayside as the games were getting bogged down into a parade from one end of the floor to the other to shoot free-throws.

Originally Posted by jtk View Post
another thing i was told.....a dribbler drives to the basket, and a defender in help turns hes body and doesn't take the driver on face to face but the dribbler completely runs into a stationary defender's side.......this can't be a charge b/c the sideways defender wasn't in a legal guarding position?

thanks for help...

Whether or not this is a foul on the help defender depends on what occurred prior to his/her turn of the body.

To establish legal guarding position, a defender must have both feet touching the playing court (in bounds) and the front of the torso of the defender must be facing his opponent.

Once that is established, the defender may have one or both feet touching the floor (again, must be in bounds) or he may be airborne. The restriction for facing the opponent ceases to exist after the initial position is legally obtained. (and maintained)

Your scenario is what is referred to in officiating circles as a HTBT call... (had to be there). We are taught to officiate the defense in order to correctly see the whole play.... If the help defender established LGP, and then turned without extending any part of his body into the path of the dribbler, then a player control foul has occurred.

Hope that helps...
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