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Originally Posted by BaBa au Rum View Post
Not sure why I'm responding to this.

Exactly! And look how well he's done.

Lewis also had 20+ years as an assistant or DC. He was also the associate head coach at Washington. He also worked for Bill Cowher, Billick and Spurrier. All very successful head coaches. SUPER BOWL or NATIONAL CHAMPION coaches!

CHCA the best program Simpson been at and they never made it out the region! And that includes having an athlete recruited in, who now play for Alabama, like Prince!

You clownin cus!
I guess my point was for a guy who's never coached High oh, coached the offensive side of the ball side of the ball and starting his career at Idaho state. And now holds one of the only 32 positions in the NFL apparently you don't need to have OC experience get a head coach job. And as far as the Prince kids he would have been a commodity on measurables alone even at Lockland High School.

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