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Originally Posted by Groundhog Day View Post
Agree with History Teacher on being a head scratcher (and then some). You had multiple coaches with not only Head Coaching experience and success with playoff experience as well as at least two college coaches wanting the job. Thought they wanted to hit it out of the park with the hire but on paper these seems heh. Not only no HC experience but coaching mostly at lower levels. Wish the guy luck because the GMC and Middletown needs to have Middie Magic back in some form.
At the town meeting, parents stressed that they wanted a coach that "looks like their kids and can relate to their kids." No mention of the "best or most qualified coach." No mention of building a program, or competitive team.

I don't know him personally, but I hear he's a good assistant. The same people that told me that, said they weren't sure how he would do as a head coach. There is a lot that goes into being the face of the program, besides play calling. It's also a long way from CHCA. Not just from a D5 t o D1, but a whole different culture. At a CHCA you pretty much just coach. At a Middletown, you take on a lot more of a parent role. Picking kids up and taking them home. Some times making sure they eat. And making sure they are eligible!

This job will be open again in the next couple years because the people in charge let parents dictate who gets hired!
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