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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
Dumb but fun episode. As a kid I use to love to go to those imitation western theme parks! The background music in the episode was also quite good. Surprised they didn't have a zombie that looked like Clint Eastwood.

The Ax shot was definitely jumping the shark but given how often this series has done it I don't even mind any more.

What did others think about the big "reveal" at the end? Was it a surprise or did it let you down? I kind of had it figured out so it didn't surprise me. I was surprised by Dwight turning up though.
I knew the kids were into something and not being straight and it gave it away when you heard them on the radio. Now the reason for it I am not sure of.

Dwight was a total surprise. I was like this is stupid as why would Dwight be shooting at them,,, but then it made more sense later when he said he recognized the car but then Dwight goes and does something stupid.

I was getting pissed as to why the were wasting so many bullets..... just cover yourself with zombie guts and get out of the situation. I know Dwight knows about that..... and I am sure the other two know about it as well.
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