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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
There are a few people here I recall who have been involved in large scale engineering and construction projects, who are not on their 131st rewatch of hobbit movies and who have accomplished something and they will tell you, replace "state" with corporate or just about any other large (or small) social structure and the story ends the same way. IB could tell you about a disaster. I could. I'd bet SWCinci who shares a very close ideology up and down the line, could tell you the internal machinations and greeds that cause near disasters, if not for those willing to risk it all and speak out.

Bhopal, Love Canal, Ford Motor, name a 3rd world mining operation, name a religion, Purdue Pharmaceutical, heck, the great depression. Any of those ringing a bell? They were all cases of coordinated lying by people in power to cover their own azzes, to keep and or raise their own position in life at the expense of they didn't care how many. Not one of them "communist."

It was members of that communist state and political machine that uncovered and exposed the cover-up. They were not murdered by the system for it. Johnny Appleseed didn't march in there and expose it. Is the now Democratic-Capitalistic Russia any less cover-up do you think? Rhetorical.

Your arguments fail on so many grounds. The cover-up was by very FEW people, not by a system. But people in power know the loop-holes. They got there to stay there and they know how to do it. They lied. They coerced others to lie. Same occurs anywhere and everywhere.

The writers tried to tell you in simple words what the movie was about.

"The cost of lies"

Most of us attempted to take something away from the movie. But you prefer to ignore
the POV of others, of the writers. You're only interested in installing your own from-the-radio-show dogma. You're not convincing of either that dogma or that you have any experience to be respected. You can't see that?

But then I don't recall you've ever budged even the slightest from your dogma as you've gained life experience over the years so perhaps it's those thinking you might leave your comfort level long enough to experience other life, to grow, wasting their time.
Are you seriously comparing American cooperate misbehavior to what routinely went on in the Soviet Union?

I would also love to hear from posters describing American corporate disasters on par with those that regularly occurred in the Soviet Union. My guess is all we'll hear are crickets because at our worst - such as Love Canal - we can not hope to match what a communist system can produce.

And how was the Great Depression like Chernobyl - seems like a bit of a stretch to me. But if you're going to throw out the GD as an example of a capitalist disaster what would you call the Ukrainian genocide carried out by the Soviets in 1932? The seven million Ukrainians who were murdered would like to know.

And what's with your spirited defense of communism? Would anyone get a pass for defending Nazism? Because based on the number of people murdered, Communism has been a far more evil ideology then Nazism. Yet here you are trying to argue that the Soviet system was just like ours and had "good" people and "bad" people. Talk about an argument that fails.

As for what people took away from this show why does it bother you that I took away something different then what you did? I figure that there was a wide range of reactions to this series and that a lot of people took different things away from the show.

For me Chernobyl was a powerful indictment of the Soviet Communist System. Nothing more and nothing less. You seem offended by that. I'm not sure why.
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