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Originally Posted by One Who Knows View Post
Well, I'm glad that tomcat remembered the question, but it doesn't seem as if any of the other "old-timers" remembered the answer to this very tough trivia question from years ago. It probably was not a fair question to post, so my apologies. You had to figure that this was a bit of a trick-question. Anyway, here's the answer:

The following two players:
1. Have the same name
LYNN Swann and Fred LYNN
2. Attended the same college
University of Southern California
3. At times, were roommates
Initially, Fred Lynn was football player and, a few times as a freshman, roomed with Lynn Swann.
4. Attended college on a scholarship in a sport in which they didn't receive their most notoriety.
....Fred Lynn - During his sophomore season, he switched his scholarship from football to baseball (he was a wide receiver).
....Lynn Swann - Technically (to save football scholarships), Lynn Swann received a track and field scholarship to USC. Swann was the California state champion long-jumper with a leap of 24'10".
5. Were perennial all-pros and won MVP honors in a sport for which they didn't receive a scholarship.
....Fred Lynn was a 9-time MLB all-star and AL MVP in 1975.
....Lynn Swann, a member of the Pro Football HOF, was MVP of Super Bowl X and was named Walter Payton "Man of the Year" in 1981. Last April, Lynn Swann was named Director of Athletics at USC.

Needless to say, this trivia question is almost guaranteed to win a bet for you.

Here's one for you:

I lived under john havlicek's bed at tOSU.

Who or what am I?
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