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Originally Posted by Philly_Cat View Post
Haven't seen Colerain, but I have seen Middletown twice. Watched them at the beginning of the season against X. I could see they were very young and inexperienced, but the kids looked talented and could be respectful by the end of the year, but doubtful they would break into the top half of the GMC by that same time.

Then I watched them play Elder the other day. I saw a really terrible team that looked to be coached to be that way. I saw a lack of effort and caring by the players. I saw mismanagement of the talent they had. And I saw a team whose coach had them stay in a 1-3-1 zone from start to finish despite having a team shoot an insane 15 threes on you and even being down by 30pts at one point. A better team would have blown them out by 50 or 60 that night.

I will say that I was caught off guard by EJ Williams being back in Middletown. I had remember it being brought up on here early in the season in passing but never heard anything more after that and completely forgot about it. He is listed as 6'10 315lbs, but after seeing him play I think they may be shorting him on both those stats. He has worked on his footwork and post moves since being a freshman and he's damn near unstoppable. Yes, I said unstoppable. But this Middletown team is so bad that even having an unstoppable player on their team doesn't help much. That's how bad they are.

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Good take on Middletown.

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