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Originally Posted by CometCountry View Post
Glad your new Jump--not sure your rankings rationale if you look at who has beaten each other so far:

OH is clearly #2 and not close to being in the 4-8 range at 8-3 overall--they have beaten Mason at Mason and East and also own wins over Sycamore, West and Colerain. You are corrrect about how well-coached they are to really give Princeton a respectable game as they trailed by 4 with 3 minutes to go before Princeton won it by 12 pts. Certainly Mason at #3 and East at #4 would be accurate as Mason owns a head to head win over East and is 7-2 compared to East at 6-5.

Sycamore,Fairfield, Hamilton amd West likely at 5-8 is right-on as Sycamore has knocked off Hamilton but lost to West--Fairfield has knocked off Hamilton and West but lost to Middletown--Hamilton has beaten West but lost to Sycamore and Fairfield.

Have to put Colerain at #9 as they own a head to head win over Middletown to get them ahead of the Middies.
After seeing all 3 teams, regardless of head to head records, I really feel like OH, Mason and East are interchangeable and pretty much equal. After that you have the the middle group that are all the same. And rounding out the bottom with the last group of Middletown and Colerain. Put either one at 9 or 10. At this point it doesn't even matter with those two lol

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