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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I'm thankful everyday that I don't drink. My views on alcohol is pretty radical. The heading of this thread does in surprise me in the least. We have a very hypocritical view on alcohol. It's a drug, just like our new "heroin" and opoid epidemic, but alcohol doesn't get the same negative connotation. In fact, it's celebrated by many. Anyone that watches any sports, we are innodated with alcohol, beer, wine commercials.

Never saw any statistics or surveys, but I'd almost guess most people who have marital, financial, emotional or mental issues, alcohol is a contributing factor in a high percentage of cases.
The new "fad" for the millenials is wine and "craft" beers. I see so many 20 somethings that routinely drink nearly every night. A generation ago, it was generally on the weekends with a cheap beer. Now, these kids have money and drink more often. Or at least they appear to have money, many are credit and debit carding themselves into financial ruin.
Damn millennials and their money
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