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injury time

Does a wrestler need to be standing on the line in the circle ready to go before his injury time is runs out if he was hurt and wrestlers were in neutral position? Usually a ref, trainer or coach will ask the wrestler if he can continue once he is notified that his injury time has run out and then they will restart them or he will default. We had a wrestler get poked in the eye while in the neutral position because the other guy raked his face. Our guy immediately turns his back and covers his eye. The ref starts injury time and says he never saw the poke so he didn't award any penalty points even though my wrestlers eye was beet red. The ref says at 28 seconds that my guy needs to be standing on the line before injury time is up or he defaults the match. The ref doesn't have the watch in hand and the clock is being kept by kids at the scores table so no count down is being done. After the trainer is done evaluating the wrestler, our guy goes back to the center to wrestle. The ref asks the table how much injury time was left. They said zero so the refs tells the wrestlers to take their ankle bans off because the match was over. In over 20 years of coaching I had never heard that you had to be back in center ready to go before injury time is up. Is this true? None of the other refs at the tourney could believe he did that and no one was really sure if that was a real rule.
Bottom line, it was a semi finals match, our guy gets poked in the eye and when we aren't on the line when injury time runs out we have to default the match????? I told the ref I had never heard that before and he says it's 5th time he had called it and once at a districts like he was bragging about it.