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Originally Posted by Georg51 View Post
Something I want you to see, and tell me if you think the Ref had sufficient time to stop a very dangerous mat return. (Note: I don't think this is an illegal slam, but definitely potential dangerous)

39:10 Minute mark

Slam. The kid in control leaves his feet to secure the mat return and appeared to deliberately take him to the mat where his opponent did not have a post. (The kid from Anderson probably learned the lesson of not keeping the head in that position, however) Probably could have been called potentially dangerous after about 5 seconds of being on their feet in the position. The kid from northwest should have been credited for a takedown before they came to their feet, but since the official missed that call, he probably felt obligated to let the action continue.

The potential for danger was obvious. In my opinion, the official could have prevented this.

Watch 32:50-33:00. Was the official even looking for a fall?

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