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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
It is amazing that Meyer can get a guy to step down from a HC position, where he was succeeding relative to his predecessors, to be a coordinator. This isn't like Kiffin failing and skulking in to 'Bama. Did it look like Indiana kind of peaked this past year ?

I wonder how long he stays....
Great points. Meyer and Saban keep playing the one upper game of amazement.

I remember my kid getting recruited by IU and when we went there to visit it was ALL about Kevin Wilson's offense. He had literature all about his offense from OU which I thought was a bit odd but typical OC, all about HIS offense.

As to how long he stays? He is an egotistical guy which goes both ways. He will want to prove he can do better than what he did at IU yet at the same time OC's sometimes like to just run the offense and no longer have to worry so much about the press and all of the things a HC has to think about.

Meyer has always brought in young upcoming OC's that he has molded to his philosophy. This will not be the case with Wilson, who is less of a jet sweep/zone read guy, although he has it in his arsenal. As soon as I heard he was hired I thought wow, great for Joe Burrow, who is a prototype for a Kevin Wilson offense.

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