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Originally Posted by IVbraves View Post
As far as you tossing around the voluntarily joining the league comment. Why hasn't Dover joined the NBC again, Got together with Louisville to form a league, Took their turn to see what the Federal League was like, the OCC again, go independent. No they want to hold on to any lasting vestige of their domination of the smaller ECOL where the rich got richer. It is no coincidence that first the ECOL splitting and then the elimination of cross over games against smaller division has led to lack of playoff appearances and wins for Dover.
You must not keep up with things, The NBC is just ran off Louisville,Dover was interested in the OCC but they said no thanks. The split of the ECOL was fully welcomed, but it does need a couple more teams, invitations to Tri Valley and Steubanville have been turned down by both.
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