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Originally Posted by jackson03 View Post
I stay until the game is over, good or bad. I don't control the band parents. It'd be great if they stayed. I went through 10 years of bad Jackson teams and enjoyed it regardless. They're still not great, but I'll take our mediocre league's football title and a 1-in-100 chance in the big league playoffs any day. That's D1, not the also-ran D2 that your whole town was horrified to drop down to. It must suck being a school declining in population with only one big game a year, since your circus-like program keeps you out of any conference. A lot of empty seats at PBTS lately, eh? And oh yeah, I'll also take Jackson being a state power in virtually every other sport.
Who mentioned Jackson in a previous thread? You must think it was Jackson, but why would you? Unless----- it is true.
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