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Originally Posted by domi View Post
Please explain how Trump has created jobs and how those new jobs numbers compare to the first ten months of last year.

If you're a republican things are awesome now and were horrible a year ago.
If you're a democrat things suck now but were great a year ago.
Good question, and the answer is actually quite simple - optimism. Obama was a terrible president and his handling of the recession was textbook wrong. He attempted to do the same things that FDR did in the 1930s and they were equally ineffective. Barry followed the FDR playbook, paid back some political debts, used MASSIVE amounts of Taxpayer dollars to do so and the results were very similar - "created jobs" for thousands of dollars more that the jobs were worth. At one point in the spendulous package the DOL was forced to admit that some of the $50K jobs "created or saved" actually cost Taxpayers $200K-$300K each.

How would you compare 1.8% job growth in Obama's last calendar year to 2.5% in Trump's 1st?
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