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Originally Posted by BoomBoom View Post

you forgot about Gulf WarII and the Color Code System of Terror alerts?

No, they just had nothing to do with a bubble that began to build in the 1970s and accelerated in the 1990s. You left out the fact that without a complicit FNMA/FDMC and Democrat-controlled Congress there was no way a secondary market for non-conforming securities could have happened. Concentrate on the problem and not some convoluted connection that isn't there.

The entire federal government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) and all political parties authorized the use of force to hunt down terrorists and eliminate governments that not only harbored terrorists but supported them. Congress authorized the creation of Homeland Security and gave them the power to not only direct our protective forces but to let the American people understand the level of threat we were facing. But again, that had nothing to do with the housing bubble and the collapse of that bubble.
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