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These get brought up every year and they are quite fun.

To me the ideal for the SWBL would be to add West Carrollton and Edgewood to the Southwestern Division and drop Brookville to the Buckeye where they fit better. I know WC is not good and is essentially Northridge but it keeps proximity and I would have to think they entertain the chance to actually compete in sports. Id argue they may make more money due to fans thinking they could compete some and actually showing up.

If they want to go 1 and 1 the target should be Edgewood for the Southwestern and Tipp City Bethel for the Buckeye. Edgewood has great proximity and matches the Southwestern. Bethel gives a great travel partner/proximity to the more N Buckeye and fits.

Southwestern: Valley View, Franklin, Bellbrook, Oakwood, Eaton, Monroe, Edgewood, WC.

Buckeye: Brookville, Carlisle, Dixie, Madison, Northridge, milton, Preble Shawnee, Waynesville
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