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Originally Posted by BALLBOY1968 View Post
But shouldn't it just be a rule that if the offense commits a penalty the clocks stops until the snap at all times? At the lower levels the refs run the clock on everything, even seen a ref wind the clock in a fresh game after an incomplete pass. Make it a rule so everyone knows when the clock will start not jsut on the refs decision. What if that was the first penalty of the game for Team A. How does ef know if it was intentional or not? Just throwing it out there.
The rules provide that the status of the clock prior to any dead ball foul is the barometer for what the officials do to the clock after the penalty is enforced. It works well and keeps the game moving. The rules makers do not want the game to become one where the clock is stagnant. The game has evolved over the years that now we have a pass/run game versus a run/pass game. Pass/run gives you the potential for more incomplete passes and more clock stoppages. Killing the clock till the snap after all fouls on A is not what the game needs. (Heck, even the NFL changed their rules so that the clock continues to run on plays that end up out of bounds in the last 2 minutes in the first half and the last 5 minutes of the second half)

For the games you see at lower levels where the refs are winding the clock incorrectly, you are either looking at a blowout situation or an official who is there to get a check and get out.

For the situation where the first foul of the game on A is under 30 seconds remaining while they have the ball and the lead........

Bad timing on their part

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