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Originally Posted by Newton's Third View Post
I wonder if once applied to field events, will regionals add an inch or two to heights like the junior high qualifying meets did. "Winning vault was 10'7" at a few meets ranking them ahead of 10'6" at other meets." Also happened to coincidentally be kids from the host site. I suppose OHSAA will regulate this. No matter good intentions, there are always unseen issues.
The field events are operated by officials during the tournament, so I don't see that happening.

Heck, there was a mistake in the issuance of hip numbers at our district on Fri. As a result, 4th place was originally credited to the wrong team (the runner wasn't even in the race, but he might have been entered), and my school's 2 entrants' results were flip-flopped. Point being that even after having the affected teams' coaches inform them of the errors, the timing company itself could not correct the mistake without authorization from the head referee. Before he would authorize the change to our guys' results, the head referee even asked our head coach "how do you know that it wasn't the other guy that was in 'x' place?" There's been a 1:30-2:00 gap between the 2 for the entire season. If necessary, we had their lap times as well.
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