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Originally Posted by runnerboy1510 View Post
Does anyone know how these extra time qualifiers will be announced. Will they just be posted on the heat sheets when they become available?

"10. Qualification to State Tournament
The first four individual or relay teams in each running event in the regional tournaments will qualify for state tournament competition, along with the 2 next fastest times in each event in each division across the state. There will be 18 qualifiers to State. In the event of ties for the 18th position, all tied competitors will qualify to State and teams/individuals will be seeded in the
semi-finals and run in the necessary number of heats. Depending on the number of tied competitors, the Games Committee will determine the number of qualifier from each heat to the finals. Only 9 competitors will advance to the state finals. Only four qualifiers in each running event shall be permitted to qualify from a regional tournament to the state tournament, plus the best 17th and 18th times in each division across the state."
Does this new ruling apply to field events as well? If it doesn't, then there's clearly a bias towards the running events. Anyone know?
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