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Originally Posted by eastside_purple View Post
There's no question Maddon is one of the elite managers in the MLB and no question he had a lot to do with the Cubs being in a position to win the WS.
As a coach or manager you....
+Make a conventional move and it works out. Little gets made of it.

+Make a conventional move and it doesnt work. Some talk of it, but most dismiss it as a player not living up to his end of the bargain.

+Make an odd/risky move and it works perfectly and you get praised for such a gutsy move.

+make an odd/risky move and it bombs terribly, and you get destroyed over it. I think this is a reason why, especially in the NFL, coaches are so conservative.,

+Make a odd/risky move, it bombs, but your team overcomes it and it becomes a footnote.

I believe that last option is what happened to Maddon in 6 and 7.