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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
And it nearly blew up in his face. Look, I'm not the guy that immediately questions every decision a manager makes, especially in hindsight. But I questioned from the jump on even having Chapman warm up Tuesday night, let alone pitch. The guys been a one inning pitcher for years, and now you want to use him 2-3 innings, possibly in back to back days.
But the other thought was where was the rest of the Cubs bullpen? Maddon completely abandoned the rest of the bullpen in games 6-7. Edwards and Montgomery only pitched because they went extra innings.
You ask your top talent to do more in these situations; happens every Fall. If Lester gets the called strike in the 8th, Chapman comes in to finish the 9th and you have nothing to b!tch about.

Yet Maddon is 1 for 2 in winning World Championships and you make dumb comments on yappi. Life isn't fair, huh?