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Originally Posted by my2sense View Post
As has been clearly pointed out by your more objective Lake fans - other sports are getting the athletes and coaching they need to succeed (see McBride). But football going the opposite direction. Your unwavering support of this coach is interesting. Your own Lake brethren don't understand it.
I am more objective then you realize. I am all in for Lake High Sports and am actively involved where you just make comments that are negative and based on what you think is happening. I also supported Jeff Durbin just as I am doing now....I don't remember how many times that conversations took place do to predictable play calling and issues on athleticism.....

It has been 18 seasons since the 1999 team which was one of Lake's best had a great run for 2 good 2000 starts and now Lake is playing .500 in won and loss... 192 games....142 for Jeff Durbin (Jeff Durbin was 91 and 29 in the 90's a total of 120 games at 75% win average then was 50%, 72-70 with the next 142 games) and 50 for Dan DeGeorge....what has changed since 1999? You seem to want to blast one coach but not the other, what changed from 1999? People look at Lake and remember...well remembering the glory years is the 90's...the 1991 team members are now 44 years old...what changed?

McBride has had a great run and has become me another sport that has been successful that you are being vague with?

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