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Originally Posted by powertrain View Post
Yes Lake is banged up to be sure, but some of the posters keep bringing up numbers. Lake has never had huge numbers and depth has always been a concern for Lake, but it had never stopped them in the past. Why are the numbers the crutch of the issues now? I don't buy it. Take the eye test. Lake kids are not as big and strong as they once were. Perry has 57 kids on their roster, which is about the same as Lake.. Think about it, what has changed at Perry? CULTURE. Before Wakefield took back over the harness, they were a program in disarray themselves, and he quickly turned it around. I watch alot of high school football and Lake is very boring and very basic and yes, as you stated, very predictable. You know exactly what they are going to do 90% of the time. It is about the program. Lake basketball is on the map because McBride is a great coach and he gets the most from his kids. Someone please find Ron Wright and ask him to take over this program. A great high school coach could get this turned around.
I made a very similar statement a few weeks ago. I wholeheartedly agree with the culture statement. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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