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This season has been really tough for Blue Streak Nation. Please know from a long time fan, it's not for lack of coaching or lack of effort from the players. It's all about the lack of numbers on the team playing in a league full of teams who don't lack numbers. Lake's roster is as small as I've ever seen it. They've had to pull up a record number of freshmen to fill in at the JV and Varsity levels. The students section this year is as big as I've ever seen it. So many kids who played youth and middle school decided not to play football for different reasons. A school the size of Lake can't afford to lose participants in football and still compete with schools like McKinley, Jackson, Perry, GlenOak and even Hoover and Green. A lot of people are counting on a big, talented freshmen class to save the day in a year or two but most of the schools in the Fed also have good freshmen classes to go along with the talent they already have in the upper grades. Things look bleak for the Lake football program but I wish them the best and I know the coaches and players will work as hard as they can to right the ship.
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