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i’ll share a 'personal moment’ from this season.....

VB, 2M/2W.....2-1 game, final 30 seconds, trailing team on the attack (of course) to my end of the field. Ball possessed into the attacking third & then is cleared off the EL by the D for a Corner. The young ball boys, incompetent all game long, have now vanished into the darkness of night. Attacking team trying to locate and/or retrieve the ball sent far OOT. I stopped the clock for the attacking team to get set for their corner......explained to the Captains from both teams that, IMHO, ‘in the spirit of fairness’, this was the right thing to do and I would do it for either team in this situation. No one complained, they understood. Clock started on the CK take, after a blocked shot, the ball was cleared & the game ended. I cannot remember if or when I’ve done that before, but reading how this game was played, the level of sportsmanship, the competitiveness the guys played this one with......’it felt right’.
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