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Originally Posted by sportsfanofyear View Post
MJ - Why not treat the situation the same as when there are 12 players on the field (ultimately due to a mistake by the refereeing crew) and when a goal is scored and it is immediately pointed out to referees that there are 12 players on the field (before the kick off restart), the referee disallows the goal, regardless of which player on the offending team scores it?
I don’t disagree SportsFan.......on several points: it IS the fault of the Refereeing Crew, and thus should never happen, theoretically. Unfortunately, “been there, had that happen”, once.....and it’ll ‘never happen again’. Also, the NFHS Rules specifically state that IF this mistake IS discovered before the KO restart, the goal CAN be disallowed.

The difference here is that while the NFHS Rules DO specifically address this particular scenario, the college rules do not clearly cover the stated scenario, of the illegally entered player assisting with a goal, at least not that I could find in my ‘research’. That’s the difference.

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