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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
The CR did what he/she could do with the knowledge he/she had. Outside of an improper yellow card, the only thing the CR does now is tell the Marshall coaches to protest the game. It was an obvious error that was probably not deliberate. The NCAA rulebook is clear that "if" a protest is done, it WILL be accepted because of the improper application of the rules.
I have no idea if Marshall went ahead with a protest or not, besides Marshall did win in OT.

I am assuming that the CR acknowledges that a mistake was made because he issues a yellow card. Since he knows the player was "illegal" during the tying goal, could he, himself have disallowed the goal or does he have to allow the protest to run its course?

Assuming the game ended in a tie or even with the opponent beating Marshall but Marshall winning the protest, I would think replaying the game or even from the 2 1/2 minute remaining point would be a logistical nightmare. So, I would think if the CR recognizes the error, he should have the authority to disallow the goal. No?
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