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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
That statisticians share some fault. The 4th official doesn't keep a running tally of who subs and when. There should be an open line in communication there.
This is 100% on the referee crew and yes, one of the duties of the 4th official is to keep a running tally of who subs in/out as long as they are instructed to do that by the Referee. They may work together with the scorer to manage this but most of the time the scorer is in the press box so unless they are all mic'd up it would be next to impossible for the scorer to communicate this with the referee crew.
Even on college matches where there aren't 4th officials the substitutions are still supposed to be tracked by the referee crew and that is a duty of AR1. It can be very difficult to manage but it's one of those jobs that the referee crew has to do to ensure a scenario like this doesn't happen.
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