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Originally Posted by sportsfanofyear View Post
To your first point, she was never subbed out for blood or injury at any point in the game.

The CR waived her on for the 3rd time for the 2nd half and also a Marshall player. Was this truly the fault of the 4th official?

The referees knew at this point that she had substituted illegally for the 3rd time in the 2nd half. How should the CR have properly handled the protest of the Marshall coaches?
That statisticians share some fault. The 4th official doesn't keep a running tally of who subs and when. There should be an open line in communication there.

The CR did what he/she could do with the knowledge he/she had. Outside of an improper yellow card, the only thing the CR does now is tell the Marshall coaches to protest the game. It was an obvious error that was probably not deliberate. The NCAA rulebook is clear that "if" a protest is done, it WILL be accepted because of the improper application of the rules.

Game doesn't have to stand IF the protest happens. Marshall should have started the paperwork immediately after the game because there is a timeline in which the matter needs to be resolved. No need to get worked up about it...unless people don't resolve the matter how it is written in the rulebook. This actually happened with a game I coached -- an illegal substitution in the first half and the team got the game winning goal with the substitute involved. I raised a fuss about it right away, but referees were adamant they were right. After halftime they apologized and told me I was right. Nothing ended up happening, even after I filed a protest. Where I was at didn't carry enough clout compared to where Marshall stands.
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