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Originally Posted by sportsfanofyear View Post
Was just told this story of the Marshall-Southern Mississippi women's college soccer game. You need to know college soccer substitution rules to answer this one. Southern Mississippi player #20 Zuazua started the 2nd half. Subbed out at 61:20 and returned at 69:22. She then subbed out again at 82:36. She subbed back in again (3rd time) at 85:37 and at 87:54 assisted on the tying goal for Southern Mississippi.

The Marshall coaches immediately challenged the goal as it was assisted by an "illegal" player. The 4th official was useless because he should have never allowed her on the field to begin with. The center referee showed #20 a yellow card and removed her from the field and let the goal stand and a kickoff by Marshall happened next.

Forgetting the obvious that nobody should have paid the 4th official, did the center referee do the correct thing?

(I have no idea if the game was played under protest or any other consequences but Marshall did score the winner in OT).
First thing I'd ask is: was the player subbed out for blood at any time? A substitution does not count if there was blood (injury on yellow/red card offense, too). Player would have to go in for the same substitute.

Second thing, this is not a yellow card offense. If the substitution was done properly -- beckoned on by the CR at the proper time -- then there is no caution in the situation. The rulebook doesn't give jurisdiction for the CR to make this decision -- this isn't an "illegal substitution" situation that is a caution.

The final doesn't matter. This situation, if the player WAS an illegal substitute, is a protestable game. Protest is granted because this was a misapplication of the rule of conduct. So, that settles it easily.
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