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Originally Posted by TRAC Football View Post
Whats wrong with winning 40 - 7?? Kids are happy, parents are happy,
You think so? No they're not. They want their kids to grow, be challenged. If the world were as you seem to think is desired, there would be no TRAC. The parents want them to "bang their heads" against the best teams with which they can be competitive. That would include SJJ and Whitmer and CCHS. They've shown that. Now they need to see if they can still show that with their former D coach now at AW.

I'm surprised TRAC hasn't scheduled Saline. If a coach wants to get a good measure of his individuals and their team work and their coach work, they'd want to play against a team balanced and knowledgeable at every position that wins because of that, not because it has recruited a bevy of D1 recruits. Saline has shown, they are that team. They might have a few recruits, some out of district transfers, I don't know. But they're not playing with a bunch of D1 college recruits so the success would seem to be in the teaching and coaching.
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