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I agree Scrump , looking forward to it myself , whatever happens it doesn't matter as long as it helps the kids and staff realize what needs to happen to improve and go forward.

DeSales is going to test them in a variety of ways , they have studs on offense , 4 OL back I heard? but defensively I know they have 3-4 kids who will be a handful , and after Saturday the Rocks will have seen three really good teams, possible state title game participants, of course a few folks who are about as good will have something to say about that they are all in the conversation.

I remember seeing Brendon White for the first time on a cold night at Coffman his Frosh year , was watching the game in the secnd half with a Liberty fan who came over to our side to watch and I asked who that safety was, ? A really solid player , wasn't spectacular yet but really smart made plays, he said that kid is a Freshman Brendon White, I said whoa , really?

I said right then his instincts were really good he was athletic and was a definite high D-1 recruit, He simply and I don't mean just physically didn't look like a Frosh out there. Same thing with Drennan , just is a kid who knows how to play and never looked out of place from the word go last year.

Kirk I haven't seen play, but from what I have heard and read he is another one who will not appear to be Frosh like from day one. Sure there will be some changes, more than usual as I have said the personnel balance is off a little some kids will have to go and paly where they may not be real comfortable playing. And also and many teams do this but not Coffman usually, have 3-4 kids do " SOME" double duty to get more of the best kids on the field at the same time
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