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Originally Posted by coachg View Post
I am interested in to why the numbers are down - Cost, concussion worries, travel, other sports, or what? Also seems odd because in this area BPYSL and other leagues have said they have record number of teams. Maybe the rest of the country is down but not sure the Ohio area is.
The Aspen Institute's annual "State of Play" in 2017 showed that most sports are on the decline -- only gymnastics, lacrosse, and ice hockey have shown increases from 2008-2016.

Cost is a huge contributor, as lower income households are more physically inactive than wealthier households.
Percentage of children ages 6-12 who engaged in no sport activity
  • Under $25,000 - 29.9%
  • $25,000-49,999 - 24.9%
  • $50,000-74,999 - 20.0%

Compare those numbers to those that make $100,000+ (11.5%). Even the $75,000-99,999 class comes in at 16.1%.

Specialization could also be a contributing factor in participation numbers as kids are participating in less than two sports on average each. Three of the most popular sports (participation numbers) show declines nearly every year -- basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Here's numbers of sports decline (or increase) over the 2008-2016 span:
  • Basketball = -3.7%
  • Baseball = -4.1%
  • Soccer (outdoor) = -2.6%
  • Tackle football = -0.4%
  • Flag football = -1.5%
  • Volleyball (indoor) = -0.7%
  • Softball (fast-pitch) = 0.0% (up 15,000 children though)
  • Track & field = 0.0% (up 208,000 children though)
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