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Originally Posted by coachg View Post
I am interested in to why the numbers are down - Cost, concussion worries, travel, other sports, or what? Also seems odd because in this area BPYSL and other leagues have said they have record number of teams. Maybe the rest of the country is down but not sure the Ohio area is.
I think BPYSL has become watered down with many teams that used to play in the CUSL.

I think the cost is a factor along with other sports, and just a lot of options for kids.

Seems like there are a lot of coaches coming into soccer that see the U.S. soccer family as a cash cow and are only in it for the money. I see that at clubs like CUSE where the average player is being asked to pay high fees for average instruction and training. If your child is just in it for the fun, why pay high fees?
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