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Originally Posted by Philly_Cat View Post
Depends on what your definition of "their bracket" is. The 12th seed is on the 1st seeds half of the bracket. A 12 team bracket would look like the below picture. In a 14 team bracket the lowest seed would be on the other half of the bracket from the 1st seed. The 4th and 3rd seeds would lose their byes and would play the 13th and 14th seeds respectfully. Yes, the 3rd seed plays the lowest seed in the tournament, but they also are forced to play an extra game over the higher 1st and 2nd seeds.

Assuming the highest seeds always win, in a properly seeded tournament the #1 seed will always have the easiest path to the final regardless of how many teams are playing.
I'm confused why you think you're correcting me... Your attachment is exactly what I had written earlier:

Originally Posted by Look Ma No Hands View Post
In NCAA seeding of a 12-team bracket, #1 never plays winner of 11 v 12.

It goes:
1 v 8-9 winner
4 v 5-12 winner
3 v 6-11 winner
2 v 7-10 winner
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