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Originally Posted by Yeoman View Post
Is that really the proposal, to give the byes to teams in the middle instead of the top? I've never seen that anywhere before--the byes go the top in every state I'm familiar with that's using this system. I'm looking at Illinois's tournament from last year right now--16 played 17 and the winner played 1, 15 played 18 and the winner played 2, etc.
Not sure exactly what what he proposal is- just typically they don't have the two bottom seeds play each other first round. It's usually take the top one and play the bottom seed, then work your way to the middle. Obviously need to adjust for byes if the numbers aren't right for bracket to whittle down evenly. I haven't really seen the model you are describing- unless it is a "play in" type situation. The main advantage of being a higher seed is getting to play lower seeds- doesn't make much sense if 2 plays 5 and 15 plays 19 opening round for example.
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