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Originally Posted by ReLoad View Post
In Saturday's game between St. Xavier and East St. Louis the following occurred:
The line of scrimmage was the ESL 9 yard line.
It was 4th down and 10.
The ESL punter was in the back of their end zone.
His punt went straight up in the air.
The punter tried to catch it at the 5 yard line (behind the line of scrimmage) but dropped it and it rolled forward he then picked it up around the 9 yard line (line of scrimmage) and ran to the 24 yard line where he was tackled.
The referees gave the ball to ESL, 1st and 10 at their 24 yard line.
Weirdest punt play I can recall.
Was this the correct call?

Had the ball been recovered past the neutral zone, the ball would have been blown dead at the point where the ESL player recovered the ball and it would have been 1st an 10 (possibly 1st and goal) for the receiving team.
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