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Originally Posted by The Dock View Post
Violet Township has 38.5K residents, and the City of Pickerington has 19K. It doesn't exactly sum up to >57k, but this should give you an idea.

Pickerington North, for instance, is either in Violet Twp or on the border of Pickerington/Violet Twp. I can't remember where exactly, but the lines have blurred over the years (maybe its my age.) Residences and locales that are often understood to be "Pickerington" aren't actually in Pickerington, but the township.

The other thing to note is that the overwhelming majority of Pickerington residents send their kids to the public school district. One of the (few) allures about Pickerington specifically, compared to the rest of Fairfield County and in general the southerly/easterly suburbs of Columbus, was (and still is) the quality of public education against the cost of living in the town. Pickerington has one of the largest Catholic parish memberships (Seton) in Central Ohio, but it doesn't have a Catholic grade school; additionally, the community probably only sends 25-30 boys between grades 9-12 to Hartley or St. Charles. Cols. Academy usually has a couple of kids, and some Ned Flanders types are usually good for sending their kids to Fairfield Christian. Newark Catholic gets, like, one every 10 years, and Fairfield County's own Catholic high school has probably only had, like, five families from Pickerington since 2000.
Thanks, the article makes it seem like all this talent is coming from 20,000 people. The same goes with my kids school district the biggest town in Little Miami School district is Morrow with 1100 people but the school has 4900 students. Everyone comes from townships which are in a bunch of smaller cities. I have a Blanchester address but live in Warren county and in the school district of Little Miami.
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