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Mason Spring Duals April 15th, 2018

Thank you to everyone who wrestled today! The event went very smooth and we look forward to running it again next year!

Thank you,
Matt McIntire


Round 1:
Boro--37 Xenia--25
Maniax #1--54 Elks--18
Maniax #2--24 Mason WC--45
Catalyst--31 Tiger Wrestling Club--42
Ascension--36 Clermont County Coalition--24
PC Club--0 Southwest Ohio WC--65
UA WC--41 Rams Club--27

Round 2:
Boro--26 Rams--49
Maniax #1--52 Xenia--13
Catalyst #2--22 Mason WC---52
Maniax #2--24 Elks--50
Ascension--62 Tiger WC--6
PC--21 Clermont Coalition--43
UA Club--3 Southwest Ohio WC--74

Round 3:
Boro--0 Southwest Ohio WC--71
Maniax #1--60 Rams WC--21
Ascension--52 Mason WC--17
Catalyst #2--15 Elks WC--48
Maniax #2--23 Xenia WC--40
PC WC--28 Tiger WC--50
UA Club--28 Clermont County Coalition--40

Round 4:
Boro WC--21 Clermont County Coalition--52
Maniax #1--9 Southwest Ohio WC--46
PC WC--39 Mason WC--29
Catalyst #2--9 Xenia WC--55
Ascension WC--36 Elks WC--28
Maniax #2--19 Rams WC--40
UA Club--42 Tiger WC--36

Round 5
Boro WC--37 Tiger WC--42
Maniax #1--39 Clermont County Coalition--24
UA Club--26 Mason WC--39
Catalyst #2--14 Rams WC--47
Ascension WC--51 Xenia WC--19
PC WC--18 Elks WC--49
Maniax #2--0 Southwest Ohio WC--74

Round 6:
PC WC (1-4)--36 vs Boro WC (1-4)--21
Catalyst (0-5)--16 vs Maniax #2 (0-5)--13
Mason WC (3-2)--13 vs Maniax #1 (4-1)--60
West County Coalition (3-2)--36 vs Tiger WC (3-2)--39
Ascension (5-0) vs Southwest Ohio Scrubs (5-0)--FF
Xenia WC (2-3)--33 vs Upper Arlington (2-3)--27
Ross WC (3-2)--18 vs Elks WC (3-2)--46

Champions---Southwest Ohio WC
Runner up---Ascension WC
Third place---Maniax WC
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