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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
I think 8-8, 9-7 this year is highly unlikely. In assume that is what you are laughing at.

Playoffs next year and one-and-done like the Bungles seems like even money......

.....hopefully not 0-7 in the playoffs over a 25 year stretch like the Bengals

A 4-12 year in '17 will give us high picks and the weak schedule that might make a 9-7 possible in '18. The Norf figures to be down - missing a retired Ben, Marvin may be fired, and the Ravens still in cap hell with Flacco. If it's also an easy NFC division next season, there's a decent shot at the playoffs for Cleveland next year.
How many times do you have to be told that Neo is not from Cincinnati nor a Cincinnati fan? Talk about insecurity.
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